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The Supernatural Tally!

...because we love our show!

Supernatural Tallies!
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To Tally The Things We Love About Supernatural!
The purpose of The Tally is to worship Supernatural and the Winchester brothers, primarily. Actors and secondary characters are also objects of reverance!


I watched season one like five or six times when I was studying abroad, because my obsessed roommate (devidarkwolf) had it on DVD and I was bored. Soon, I too became obsessed. I noticed a few things that kep happening: Dean kicking in doors, Dean snacking, Sam on a computer, rain in a LOT of episodes (it is Canada...) So I decided to tally up how often these things (and several others) happen in each episode. Thus began the Tally. Devi soon informed me that this tally is something that had to be put on LJ. So I got myself an LJ account, and the rest you know! ;D

Each count is based on how many times the category appears ON SCREEN (for example: Yes, Dean eats M&Ms in "Wendigo", but he isn't actually SHOWN doing it.) Also, everything is objective, so the count is open to human error!

The Code of the Tally:
more like guidelines, really ;D

1. Be aware that I am not an accountant, a bookkeeper or a numbers person. I was an English major. So my counting skills are suspect, but I get points for effort! Right? Oh yeah, and my other disclaimer: I'm not Kripke! We make no money here.

2. Wank is called wank for a reason. No one likes it!

3. This comm is open to all pairings, het or slash, including wincest and J2. If these pairings sicken you, sorry! There is no one exclusive pairing that is shipped here, we are an equal-opportunity comm!

4. Character-bashing will occur. ALL IN GOOD FUN. For example, I will bash Jo to great extent in the Tally for "No Exit." I like Jo, it's just that I hate the way Dean/Jo is written in that ep. I have liked the pairing in fanfics and fanvids - so to recap, I bash Jo in "No Exit" because it is easy and fun. I will do this to other characters as well (equal opportunity!)! If you can't handle the possibility of your favorite character being bashed, sorry!

5. Cracky posts are going to be a hazard here! Cracky comments are also welcome.

6. I reserve the right to add/change rules as the mood strikes! (watch out! ;D I'm a moody one!)

The Tally is open to anyone - anybody who wants to start up counting is welcome to post their results here! You can even do a re-count of another tally, if you are so inclined. Although I would warn you, your sanity is often a casualty of doing a Tally! ;D

In Which I Issue Thanks:
- Our most excellent header and userpic are courtesy of kentawolf and her fab comm, encyc_of_wierd. Check out her awesomeness there!
- The professional-looking nature of our comm is completely due to the talents and efforts of my LJ Yoda, devidarkwolf. Because HTML pwns me, but she pwns HTML.