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The Supernatural Original Tally, S1E11 [Jun. 13th, 2008|12:36 am]
Supernatural Tallies!


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The Original Tally, for Scarecrow - 

In Which Sam and Dean split up, get homesick, and hunt a pagan god.

The Count:

Dean saves Sam:     0
-- For once Sam is not in danger! You know, except for the whole unknowingly hanging out with the spawn of Hell...

Sam saves Dean:     1
-- YES! Sam puts some points up on the board and gets extra marks (unofficially) for timing!

Fake ID:     1
-- LOL, Dean is called out on having an ID that is the name of a famous musician! Finally. Does no one else on this show listen to the classics?!

Dean draws a weapon:     0
-- Some fab shooting to rescue Dumb Couple #2, but our boy goes in with his weapon already drawn!

Dean kicks in a door:     0
-- In a town this much like Plesantville, that would get a bit too much attention!

Sam gets choked:     0
-- Sam's experience in this ep is surprisingly normal. You know, for hitch-hiking with demons.

Sam's Bitchface:     9
-- Mostly in that initial, ah... 'debate' between himself and Dean.

Underwear!:     0
-- A lot going on, so this is (minorly) excusable.

Dean Snacks:     0
-- He never even gets that coffee he ordered!  :(   And he never gets the chance to find out if the apple pie is freakin' worth it!!

Sam kisses:     0
-- Thank goodness. We'll get around to making out with demons soon enough!

Dean kisses:     0
-- He has SO MUCH CHEMISTRY with Emily. I can forgive the lack of lip-locking.

Psychic Visions:     0
-- For a psychic, Sam's kinda dense in this ep. Failure to see that his brother needs him, failure to realize that his new buddy wants him dead... yeah. Maybe you need to practice the psychic thing, pal.

Tied Up!:     2
-- Locked in a cellar and tied to a tree as a sacrifice! Dean's life resembles that of a fairy-tale princess, no?

Breaking and Entering:     0
-- Small town USA - and Dean's in enough trouble as it it, for daring to wear a leather jacket and have a cell phone! Blasphemy!

Sma on the computer:     0
-- That phone thing of his is practically a computer. But no, GeekBoy takes the ep off and leaves Dean to be... knocked out by the task of research! *gigglesnort*

Tummys!:     1
-- I believe it is the unconscious Dean whose tummy is so appealing here. *drifts off to happy place*

Pinned!:     0
-- Meg could have. She wanted to. But Daddy's Girl had to obey orders!

Dean is thrown into something:     0
-- He gets hit - hard - anyway.

Rain?:     YES!
-- And the lovely ariel shot of the EvilUmbrellaHuddleOfDoom(Dean'sDoom,ThatIs). Ha!


[User Picture]From: pinkphoenix1985
2008-06-13 08:16 pm (UTC)

And the lovely ariel shot of the EvilUmbrellaHuddleOfDoom(Dean'sDoom,ThatIs). Ha!

what does that make hell huh?
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[User Picture]From: kriptkeeper
2008-06-13 09:44 pm (UTC)
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