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The Original Supernatural Tally, S1E08 [May. 27th, 2008|11:33 pm]
Supernatural Tallies!


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The Original Tally, for Bugs - 

In Which Sam and Dean learn about family, deal with a bug problem, and hunt get out of the way of a curse.

The Count:

Dean saves Sam:     0
-- Fortunately, Sam is not allergic to bees.

Sam saves Dean:     0
-- Dean's got it covered: bug-spray flamethrower!

Fake ID:     4
-- Though not convincing as gas company employees or as brothers, somehow Sam and Dean are convincing as a gay couple. This will continue to be a theme...

Dean draws a weapon:     1
-- Can't really shoot bugs... but Dean loves his fire! Such a pyro  ;D

Dean kicks in a door:     0
-- Rather, he barricades the door. And the windows. And the roof...

Sam gets choked:     0
-- It would be rather hard for bugs to choke him... we don't have the budget for that. *sigh* Ok, for this ep, you are excused. But I expect choking next time!

Sam's Bitchface:     10
-- Topic of conversation: Dad, Sam, the college fight; Sam's face: see above

Underwear!:     1
-- Now I remember what I liked about this ep!

Dean Snacks:     0
-- Good. For all we know, the snacks could have been fried spiders in this one.

Sam kisses:     0
-- He does get a bit of action...

Dean kisses:     0
-- Ass-slap! FTW!!!

Psychic Visions:     0
-- Psychic powers belong to Mr. Human-Lie-Detector in this one.

Tied Up!:     0
-- Again, we don't really have the budget for spiders to wrap the Winchesters up in their webs. *glares in the direction of the CW HQ*

Breaking and Entering:     2
-- Squatting! Now I ask you, how many squatters get to take a steam shower?

Sam on the computer:     0
-- Oh no! We must resort to the old-fashioned research technique: talking! to people! who are involved! Good thing Sam was a psych major.

Tummys!:     1
-- When our tall boys stand next to short people... Memo to Kim Manners: love having those tummies in the shot! More please!

Pinned!:     0
-- The issues with having bugs as the MOTW continue to be apparent...

Dean is thrown into something:     0
-- Again: bugs.

Rain?:     YES!!
-- THANK YOU RAIN GODS!!! Memorable, drenching, umbrella-worthy rain! *victory rain dance*