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The Original Supernatural Tally, S1E07 [May. 27th, 2008|04:34 pm]
Supernatural Tallies!


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 The Original Tally, for Hookman - 

 In Which Sam and Dean experience collegiate life, go to church, and hunt another vengeful urban-legend spirit.

The Count:

Dean saves Sam:     1
-- Not before Sam gets his arm sliced up a bit. Still, overall good timing!

Sam saves Dean:     0
-- Dean hasn't gotten himself into too much trouble in a while. Good thing, 'cause little brother has been needing an awful lot of saving lately!

Fake ID:     1
-- Yes! Withstanding the scrutiny of frat boys, police and preachers, the simple lie of "transfer-student fraternity brothers" holds up better than most of the badges have recently!

Dean draws a weapon:     1
-- Hotly. As usual. Then throws it to his brother... I can't decide which version I like better: in the ep with the synchronized Winchester skills, or int he gag real with goofy!Jensen!!

Dean kicks in a door:     0
-- In fact it is Sam, looking hott and barging around, while Dean looks HOTT and dirty, on salt-and-burn duty.

Sam gets choked:     0
-- Still, we can remember the previous ep with enjoyment! And look forward a bit to the next time Sam's neck is too much for a MOTW to resist.

Sam's Bitchface:     3
-- Having to put on a good face to sell their cover story, Sam doesn't get much of a chance to be himself  ;D

Underwear!:     2
-- Those Winchesters! What teases.

Dean Snacks:     3
-- Oh Dean. Thirsty much?

Sam kisses:     1
-- Rather, Sam is kissed by this ep's damsel. Still, some lip action for the widower at last!

Dean kisses:     0
-- Poor Dean has to put down the cue and go out on digging duty. What a hero, giving up a college party to save lives! We applaud your sacrifice, Dean.

Psychic Visions:     0
-- Nil. None. Nada. This will be a trend.

Tied Up!:     0
-- Trapped in the church, but since they can still run about in a panicked fashion, this does not count as trapped.

Breaking and Entering:     1
-- B&E of a church/preacher's house. Oh those wild Winchester boys. 

Sammy on the computer:     1
-- Even without the computer, there's a lot of good research in this ep. Yay library!Dean!!

Tummys!:     1
-- Always more noticeable when standing next to the damsel of the ep. Mostly because the boy's abs, particularly Sam's, tend to be included more in shots - due to the need to see the girl's face, which is at about the same level!

Pinned!:     0
-- This is my sad face:   =(

Dean is thrown into something:     0
-- Sam, once again, is tossed around more than his brother!

Rain?:     No.
-- *considers sacrificial rites* C'mon rain gods... what do you want?!