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The Original Supernatural Tally, S1E05 [May. 27th, 2008|12:42 am]
Supernatural Tallies!


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The Original Tally, for Bloody Mary - 

 In Which Sam and Dean help an under-age damsel, reflect, and hunt a vengeful urban-legend spirit.  

The Count:

Dean saves Sam:     2
-- He is saving his own ass eyeballs as well that second time, but it still counts due to macgyver-like hunting skills and residual awesomeness from the mirror-smash!

Sam saves Dean:     0
-- Dean hasn't really gotten himself into any drastic situations. Sammy got all the talent for that, or so it seems at this point...

Fake IDs:     4
-- Crashing a wake. Nice. And LMAO: "adopted"

Dean draws a weapon:     0
-- Don't ever see him pick up the crowbar to strike... shame, because that is an awesome weapon! Non-tally points for picking up that mirror to save his and his brother's butts eyeballs, though!

Dean kicks in a door:     0
-- He climbs in a window... which is pretty close on the awesome scale...

Sam gets choked:     0
-- Oh don't you worry. *looks ahead to next ep* this will be corrected soon!

Sam's Bitchface:     6
-- For once, Dean wants to talk about feeling and Sam doesn't! Whereas this would induce snark from Dean, it merely brings out the bitch in Sammy!

Underwear!:     0
-- *is sad*

Dean snacks:     0
-- Not enough time to grab a bite, with all these idiots running around saying a certain name three times into mirrors!!

Sam kisses:     0
-- As the end of the ep shows us, Jess is still pretty prominent in Sam's memory. Too soon!

Dean kisses:     0
-- Dean, NO! She is underage. Back away...

Psychic Visions:     1
-- YES! Our first hint that Sam is more than he seems (and he sure seems like a lot, doesn't he?) ;D

Tied up!:     0
-- Again, look to next ep for bondage points in this category. *ahem*

Breaking and Entering:     1
-- Ok, pretty much FAIL at B&E, given that the cops showed up, but still a good lock-picking shot!

Sammy on the computer:     0
-- "Out of Order"  LOL!

Tummys!:     1
-- Nice tall mirror for full body shots! Yay!

Pinned!:     0
-- I guess Mary has them pinned to the mirror when she stares 'em down... eh.

Dean is thrown into something:     0
-- He throws his weight into that mirror-smashing blow. Oh, the pretty...

Rain?:     Yes.
--THANK YOU, VANCOUVER RAIN GODS!! Keep up the good work, guys!