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The Original Supernatural Tally, S1E04 [May. 26th, 2008|06:56 pm]
Supernatural Tallies!


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The Original Tally, for Phantom Traveller - 

 In Which Sam and Dean get news of Dad, learn about phobias, and hunt their first demon. 

The Count:

Dean saves Sam:     0
-- It really is underrated how much Dean saves Sam from PTSD or something, after the horror of losing his girlfriend like that. Especially in this episode, since the demon puts pressure on the fresh wound.

Sam saves Dean:     1
-- ...and a whole planeful of people. Plus whoever the plane might have landed on. But whatever, we all know he was thinking only of Dean!

Fake IDs:     3
-- With varying success, the Winchesters try a number of false IDs this ep. It also marks the first time we see them in costume, as Homeland Security. Let us pause and appreciate the splendor that is The Boys in Suits............. *ahem* now if you'll just wipe up your drool and follow me, we will proceed...

Dean draws a weapon:     0
--  As the show goes on, a bottle of holy water will come to be considered a weapon. But when it looks that ridiculous, it is not a weapon. However, Dean's fists are. But they are always at the ready!

Sam gets choked:     0
-- As is sometimes his talent, Sam gets choked up with emotion - at the mention of his dead girlfriend. Oh Sam.

Sam's Bitchface:     9
-- When demons attack, Sam gets bitchy! It is his secret power!

Underwear!:     2
-- Yay!! *happy dance* I love HDTV.

Dean Snacks:     1
-- He very nearly tastes the sulfur that he scrapes off the door handle. Reconsidering, he instead wipes it on his little brother's new suit. Oh Dean *smishes*

Sam kisses:     0
-- Jessica. Dead. Still.

Dean kisses:     0
-- Flight Attendant Amanda thinks he's pretty much crazy. And/or dangerous. So despite thanking him, she is so not giving him any!

Psychic Visions:     0
-- Be patient, my dears. All in good time!

Tied Up!:     0
-- If it wasn't for their fence-jumping skills, they would be in Gitmo right now!

Breaking and Entering:     0
-- As we will sometimes see, their skills were used to break and exit in this ep, from the wreckage-lockdown warehouse.

Sam on the Computer:     3
-- Super!Computer!Sam this ep - he even takes over someone else's computer to do research!

Dean is Thrown Into Something:     4
-- Turbulence. It's a bitch, huh?

Tummys!:     2
-- Pinned to the wall is such a nice, ab-worship-able pose for Dean...

Pinned!:     1
-- The joy of pinned!Dean is almost overshadowed by the glory of that terrified face... LOL, oh Dean...

Rain?:     No.
-- *glares at rain gods* Dammit *looks up new raindance ritual*

Line that popped:

Sam: What?

Dean: I don't know, this isn't our normal gig. I mean demons...

Not their normal gig. How wonderfully/sadly/poetically ironic, no?